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Polarity Therapy & RYSE

Polarity Realization Therapy at Essential Healing Energies is unique to other methods of traditional Polarity Therapy  throughout the country and worldwide mainly due to the advanced specific energetic clearing techniques and the use of quartz crystals in our sessions. 

Deeply relaxing, gentle yet powerful energy based healing modality, Polarity Therapy incorporates principles of ancient medicine therapies of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as Craniosacral techniques and polarity specific reflexology. In addition to our biological, genetic and physical attributes our body contains specific energetic systems including various patterns, currents and elements vital to our health and wellbeing. When any of these are not in harmonious balance, energy becomes blocked resulting in states of dis-ease or inferior health.

The five elements in polarity therapy are ether, air, fire, water and earth. These elements are closely related and weaved into specific body systems, organs, tissues, oval fields and precise locations in and throughout the body. Elements are also deeply connected to our emotions and passions. Polarity Therapy seeks to bring all energetic systems and elements into balance and harmony. Conscious oriented touch is applied to various corresponding points on element pathways along the body. Gentle movement, rocking and stretching motions are used to guide, move and facilitate the energetic shifts and processes to further induce the healing response. 

Quartz crystals are placed over endocrine glands to activate and increase the function of the glandular system. Each endocrine gland is closely associated with a specific chakra. Chakras are wheel like vortices of energy related to every system and organ in the body. Seven Major Chakras are centrally located beginning at the Crown on top of the head and continue down the spinal column to the Sacral Base. In Polarity Therapy the spinal column is known as the Ultrasonic Core and is considered to be the "Breath of Life" where Craniosacral Fluid or Cerebrospinal Fluid bathes the spinal cord deeply nourishing nerves delivering healing to all the cells in the body.

Crystalline structure exists in every cell, residing in bone matrix, in all our tissues and is in our genetic biological make up. Crystals magnify and intensify energy that will clear and repair your aura, the energetic field of layered energetic fibers surrounding your physical body, chakras and all energetic systems releasing blocks in your energetic field, and raising your vibration attuned to the highest frequencies for your highest alignment and vibrant health.

Our physical, emotional, spiritual and mental bodies are intertwined within our energetic systems. Each is dependent on the other for homeostasis, therefore our energetic systems must be balanced for the whole person to have optimal health. 

With Polarity it is believed that energy comes before form. For example, when a physical symptom presents, it was manifested first in your energetic field and stepped down into your physical body. Energy works on the principle of resonance and attracts to "like" energy that will entrain to the strongest energy.

Denser energy that is not free flowing may become blocked resulting in physical/emotional symptoms, pain or ailment. By removing obstructions in your energetic fields, polarity can restore vital life force energy raising the vibrational rate beyond a cellular level reconnecting Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit.

Working with the Parasympathetic Nervous System, Polarity facilitates and induces the body's own intuitive healing response mechanism and it is possible to reduce or eliminate ailments such as headaches, chronic pain including arthritis, fibromyalgia, and other auto-immune disorders, gastrointestinal issues, depression, anxiety, trauma and more creating clarity, balance and harmony for your entire being.

Whole food nutrition, polarity yoga postures and mindfulness are also key components of Polarity Therapy. Your practitioner may make some exercise, dietary and other self care recommendations for your to continued benefit following your session.

Polarity is performed while you are fully clothed except when combined with massage. We recommend wearing light comfortable clothing such as cotton or natural fabrics.

One may experience a variety of peaceful, natural healing sensations and visualizations of color when receiving a hands on bodywork or distance sessions.

Polarity Distance Sessions are a unique way to experience and receive Polarity with remote energy healing in the comfort of your own home or quiet sacred space. You will be aware of your practitioner gently tuning in to your energetic systems as you lay down with eyes closed, arms and legs uncrossed in a deeply relaxed sleep like state. Before and after you will receive phone calls from your practitioner to communicate prior to the work and then to wake you and complete the session. Distance Sessions may be done anytime and are perfect to receive the benefits of Polarity without physical bodywork due to physical limitations, inability to receive an in-person session and during inclement weather. Many people prefer to alternate distance and in-person sessions. 

*If you have previously had RYSE this work will be included in all Polarity Sessions in-person, distance and may be added as a RYSE Clearing to any other Holistic Service or Modality.

Get high on a happy vibe, get polarized!

For more information on Polarity Therapy you may visit the American Polarity Therapy Association:

Ready to RYSE??? 

RYSE is an acronym for Realizing Your Sublime Energies, an an amazing powerful body of work founded and developed by Nancy Risley, BCPP, RPE.

RYSE is a deeply profound, transformational Self Mastery course where you will gain a full understanding of your own sublime energetic systems, how to identify and perceive them through focused awareness and even more importantly how to manage and keep your energetic systems aligned to their highest vibration, therefore allowing only the highest life force energy to flow in and through your energetic systems. With clear, repaired and aligned energetic systems we are able to function optimally on all levels clearing blocks that drain our life force energy that produce physical/emotional/spiritual pain, reduced clarity, and inability to move forward in life. A trained RYSE Practitioner and Teacher will guide you through the program as you may choose individual or group format. RYSE courses include the textbook RYSE Tools for Life by Nancy Risley and 5 Personal Individual Clearing CD's recorded with the sounds of crystal bowls and guided RYSE exercise meditation led by Nancy. We highly recommend receiving Polarity Sessions in between each RYSE to further enhance and integrate the work. 

More information on RYSE Classes, including Introductory Rates and packages offering discounted Polarity Sessions while in the program will be announced soon. RYSE Course is 16 Hours. Weekly Classes will be approximately 3-4 Hours over a period of 4-5 weeks depending on flexibility and scheduling.

Upon completing RYSE, this work will be included in all future Polarity Sessions as your systems will now have been cleared and evolved to another level. You may wish to add a RYSE Clearing to any Holistic Massage or Ayurvedic Treatment you receive with us.  Nancy is a world renowned energy researcher, very well respected for her work and contributions in the field of Polarity Therapy, to the American Polarity Therapy Association and to her many clients and students everywhere across the globe. 

Nancy Risey, BCPP, RPE, is the founder of Polarity Realization Institute and Spa Tech Institute producing top graduates and highly sought after professionals in their fields. 

For more information you can learn more about Nancy and RYSE here:

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