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Our Mission

Our Mission is to empower and assist individuals on their path to their highest health by applying our professional knowledge and skills to facilitate healing beyond the cellular level.
Treating the whole person, combining science with a Holistic approach encompassing all aspects physical, emotional, mental and spiritual  to achieve optimal health and wellbeing. To positively affect every person we touch and for all our clients to transform their lives, to experience your highest joy and create your best human experience connecting Body, Mind, Spirit & Soul.
We are NOT a medical doctor, nor do we diagnose,  practice medicine, or prescribe medicine of any kind.
Services obtained at Essential Healing Energies do not replace your regular medical care, nor do we interfere with any medical treatment.
However,  on occasion, only as a precaution we may need to seek authorization for treatment from your physician, and only with your written permission if it is absolutely necessary.
We will never share or sell your personal information, or discuss any confidential information including medical history. We respect your privacy and value your trust. 
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