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Massage Modalities

We may use a variety of these techniques to create a unique integrative session that is most beneficial and tailored to suit your specific goals and needs in order to deliver the maximum results of your session.

Holistic Massage

Our holistic approach is beyond traditional therapeutic massage. We believe in focused energetic awareness in treating your whole person. Holistic massage is performed with somatic conscious oriented touch encompassing all aspects physical, emotional and spiritual for your highest health and wellbeing.

Swedish Massage

Long soothing strokes to muscles and gentle manipulation of soft tissues of the body relieve tension, increase circulation of blood and lymph flow. Eliminating toxins, alleviating pain and promoting relaxation.

Deep Tissue

Concentrated pressure allows for deeper penetration into muscles or areas where chronic pain exits. Excellent for arthritis, fibromyalgia, recovery from injury, increased range of motion. Corrective therapeutic techniques using hands, fingertips, elbows with firm, direct pressure. Beneficial to break up adhesions and eliminate scar tissue. Great for athletes.


Gentle stretching and releasing tension in constricted areas due to trauma and inflammation, softens connective tissue relieving pain restoring elasticity.


Non-invasive effective method of applying patterns of specialized pressure and short strokes influences the nervous system's reflexive response and their connection to muscular function, addressing somatic dysfunction, conditioning and toning pain of soft tissue.

Positional Release

Provides relief to tender points, addressing hypertonicity and muscle spasm. Resets muscle to neutral relaxed state using minimal pressure and gentle manipulation.

Trigger Point

Alternating levels of intense static pressure stimulating specific hypersensitive areas. Especially beneficial for muscles in spasm. Delivers needed oxygen and blood to targeted areas including strains, joints, connective tissue and inflammation.

Specialty Massage:

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Very light pressure, this slow rhythmic massage is perfect for stimulating and cleansing the lymphatic system and encouraging healthy flow of lymphatic fluid. Excellent for detoxification, edema, pre/post surgery, cellulite, scar tissue and spider veins. The lymph system is a slow moving  intricate system of blood vessels and lymph nodes delivering vital nutrients to cells and carrying away excess water, waste, toxins, bacteria, and viruses. A healthy lymphatic system is essential for proper blood circulation and immune function. 


The following heated specialty massage treatments are delivered using organic nut free oils of Coconut and/or Jojoba combined with essential oils for a lusciously hydrating and nourishing skin treatment. These modalities create a unique ultimate rich sensory experience  for Mind, Body, Spirit & Soul. Reconnecting you with nature and renewing the sweetness of life. The session is finished with hot towels applied to your back and feet.

*Heated treatments may be contraindicated with certain medical conditions and are not administered to any clients under a physicians care for serious health conditions or those taking prescription medications with side affects to heat.

Please inform your practitioner of any known medical conditions prior to receiving this service as we may recommend an alternative modality to ensure you the maximum benefit for your Highest Health & Healing.

Hot Volcanic Lava Stones

Intensely rich, grounding healing experience. Become one with the Earth as heated volcanic basalt lava stones penetrate deeply melting away areas of tension. Soothing smooth mineral rich stones transfer earthly healing energies to skin, muscles and nerves accessing deeper tissues more quickly and easily eliciting a profound mind/body experience.

Hot Sea Shells

Leave your worries far behind and harness the powerful healing energies of the sea with Hot SeaShell Massage. Capture the the deeply relaxing healing vibrations of these Living swirling microcosms of energy from the sea. Become one with the ocean as warm filled scalloped seashells glide over muscles relieving tension as the natural texture of the shells gently exfoliate your skin. Incorporating the elements of earth & water creating perfect harmony and balance soothing the nervous system, eliciting a sense of profound peacefulness, calm and tranquility.

Fire & Ice Massage

Contrast massage combines Hot and Cool Stones to enhance properties of dilation and contraction action of soft tissues useful in relieving pain, localized inflammation and increasing circulation. Beneficial to assist the body's own pumping mechanism in circulatory and lymphatic systems at surface layers of skin and connective tissue.

Essential Healing Signature Massage

Indulge yourself in One Hour and 45 Minutes of PURE BLISS!! This deluxe integrative holistic massage treatment combines our best modalities all in one service. Your ultimate sensory healing experience begins with dry body brushing followed by a full body exfoliation with a cypress, geranium and papaya enzyme scrub,  features a crystal chakra layout, nourishing face oil treatment and signature massage sequence with hot stones, hot seashells, aromatherapy essential oils, soothing swedish & lymphatic massage techniques finished with hot towels applied to hands/feet and back .    


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