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Session time is actual treatment time on the table, please arrive a few moments early for communication before your session. For new clients please arrive 15 minutes early. You may wish to visit our "Preparing for Your Session" page. 

*Please see special note below for Oncology Massage*

Detailed descriptions of featured service may be seen on our "Massage Modalities" Page for Massage Modalities or refer to specific related pages.

Please be aware of our 24 Hour Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy referenced here and we ask you kindly view full policies honored on our "Hours & Scheduling" page. Thank you.  

New Clients Receive Special Introductory Rates of 20% off for your first session!

$ 25 Referral Credit - Refer a friend and you will receive $ 25 off your next session.

Request an appointment by phone, email via our "Contact Us" page on this site or visit us to select your service and request an appointment on MassageBook:

Online scheduling coming here and on MassageBook soon!

Single Session Pricing: 


$ 75/60 Minutes                       

Holistic Massage:                          

$ 55/45 Minutes                       

$ 75/60 Minutes                       

$ 105/90 Minutes                      

*Add Aromatherapy applied to Hands/Feet with doTERRA Certified Pure Essential Oils for $5 

Volcanic Hot Stone Massage

Hot SeaShell Massage

$ 95/60 Minutes                     

$ 125/90 Minutes                    

Essential Healing Energies Signature Massage:

$ 140/105 Minutes 

Massage & Polarity Combo Session:

Combine Polarity Therapy complimentary with any Massage service excluding Ayurvedic Treatments. Session is priced same as your selected Holistic Massage, Volcanic Hot Stone/Seashell, Manual Lymph Drainage and Oncology Massage.  

Polarity Therapy:

$ 75/60 Minutes*

$ 105/90 Minutes

*Polarity Therapy may also be received as a 60 Minute distance session

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage:

$ 115/90 Minutes*   

$ 125/105 Minutes**              

*Includes dry body skin brushing, Hand/Foot Exfoliation and essential oils of Lemongrass & Lime. 

**Includes dry body skin brushing, Full Body Exfoliation, essential oils and finished with hot towels to hands, feet & back. 

Quartz crystal layout with chakra & aura clearing complimentary upon request or see below for adding RYSE Clearing

*Oncology Massage: 

*Oncology Massage requires telephone or in person consult prior to session in order to discuss proper scheduling and/or modifications necessary to ensure you receive the most benefit from your session allowing us to work safely and attend to your highest quality of comfort and care in order to provide an exceptional oncology massage service experience exclusively for you. Oncology Session times may vary and are unique. Session pricing in office is the same as any stated Holistic Massage 45/60/90 Minute Session quoted above on this page.  At this time we do not currently provide Outcall services,  though occasionally Outcall services may be considered providing for our existing clients within the North Shore on an individual basis.

Detox Body Contour Wrap:

*All Detox Body Contour Wraps include Full Body Exfoliation prior to wrap and Head, Face, Forearm, Hand/Foot Massage while wrapped.

$ 115/90 Minutes - No Measurement: For clients using this service as Detox Maintenance and/or Lymphatic Cleansing when not interested in inch loss results

$ 125/105 Minutes - Includes Pre/Post Wrap Measurements 

$ 155/150 Minutes Detox Body Wrp & Massage Combo - Includes 45-60 Minute Integrative Massage incorporating Holistic Massage & Manual Lymphatic Drainage Techniques

*This service requires consultation before session as clients with specific medical conditions may not receive a wrap.

Ayurvedic Bodywork: Temporily Unavailable at this time. Please check back for availability.

Abhyanga Massage: Warm Ayuervedic Oil 

Shila-Abhyanga: Hot Sea Stones w/Warm oil & Honey Face Mask  

Abhyanga & Shirodhara: Warm oil Massage & Forehead Treatment

Abhyanga/Shiro/Nasya: Warm oil Massage, Forehead & Nasal Treatment

Add On Treatment:

Aromatherapy features doTERRA Certified Pure Essential Oils

$ 5 Aromatherapy Hands/Feet for oil blends or up to 3 single oils of your choice 

$ 10 Full Body Aromatherapy Infusion - Essential Oils are applied topically and blended into Massage Oil/Lotion/Cream 

$ 10 Targeted Hot Stones/SeaShells -  Tailored to your preferred specific area of focus 

$ 15 Add 15 Minutes to any 60 or 90 Minute Holistic or Volcanic Hot Stone/SeaShell Massage, not to exceed total session time of 120 Mins. 

$ 20 RYSE Clearing may be added to any Holistic Massage, MLD or Ayurvedic Treatment for clients that have previously taken RYSE 1-4 

Save with an Essential Healing Wellness Series! Purchase multiple sessions of your favorite service at a discounted price.  

Stay tuned for Essential Healing Wellness Series & Package pricing to be posted soon!

*Healing Arts Practitioners, Airline Family & Friends, Police, Fire & Active Military receive professional courtesy discount rates. Please inquire within.


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