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Happy Autumn & Welcome to Essential Healing Energies!

Ahhh, it's fall  in New England once again! Temperatures becoming crisp and cool. As we joyfully shift seasons, we invite you to come find warmth and renewal to transition with one of our wonderfully transformative service offerings here at Essential Healing Energies. 

If this is your first time visiting us, we are so happy you landed on our page and to all our existing clients, it is always our pleasure to welcome you back home.

Feel like you're on the beach as you relax in our Steam Sauna Canopy with a fan to simulate a gentle sea breeze. Enhance your purification process in our new Steamy Wonder Sauna! Steamy Wonder is a wonderful stand alone treatment or addition to any service. Can't beat the heat? Of course we have something special for you too! Come on in for a cool aromatherapy treatment to bring you soothing calm restoring balance and harmony. Or enjoy a Fire & Ice Massage alternating hot & cool stones.

Essential Healing Energies invites you into our oasis of healing with wonderful service offerings certain to revive you, breathing in new life to nourish your body, mind, soul and spirit. Please explore our site and see which of our Holistic Healing Arts services best suit you. Select your favorite or perhaps you'll try something new.  Please view our "Modalities" page for an in depth description of these transformational healing modalities. Treat yourself to the unique experience of hot lava rocks or hot seashells. Call or email us to reserve your special date & time today!

Consultations are always complimentary as we work with you to tailor a service as unique as you!

Radiance peach mango drink from M'Lis our Holistic Nutrition & Skin Care line boosts antioxidants, and hydration complete with Collagen, MSM, LYCOPENE, CoQ10, & Biotin (Vitamin B7) delivers internal nutrients for healthy mind & body, glowing hair and radiant skin. M'Lis Detox Body Contour Wraps brings renewal from the inside out, working with your Lymphatic System to stimulate circulation, remove wastes & toxins, reduce cellulite, tone & tighten skin.

We have been very busy bees here revising our website to bring you only the very best.

What ever your flavor, do be certain to remember the ever important continuing practice of self care at home for yourself & your Loved Ones. As always, we welcome your feedback and we Love hearing from you.     

Experience Wellness for your entire being at Essential Healing Energies with our Holistic Healing Arts services,M'Lis Holistic Nutrition & Skin Care, our Pure Therapeutic Essential Oils, Homemade Aromatherapy products and AromaTouch Technique are a sure fire way to enhance your health and keep your immune system strong all year long.   

 We are happy and eager to assist and empower you on your personal journey for your highest health and well being.

Be Well.

Rachel A. Pinard, LMT, Polarity Realization & RYSE Therapist


"The natural healing force within each of us, is the greatest force in getting well." 

                                     - Hippocrates


*Disclaimer: Essential Healing Energies does not diagnose, or cure any dis-ease or illness. We are not medical doctors. We do not prescribe treatment for any medical conditions. Suggestions are made soley for informational reference only and are not a replacement or substitute for professional medical care by a licensed physician or other qualified licensed healthcare practitioner. Nor do we make any health claims that any modalities, including RYSE, M'Lis Detoxification/Wellness Programs, Nutritional Supplements and/or Essential oils cure, mitigate or prevent disease. 


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