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Brain Sync Meditations

Welcome to my meditation page featuring products from Brain Sync and Kelly Howell to calm your mind, relax your nerves and heal your body.

For thousands of years cultures around the world have observed daily meditation practice.  It is there in that space where you can simply "be" and let the magic unfold.

Even if you are new to meditation or very experienced,  I am certain you will be pleased and see noticeable outstanding results with regular use. 

Brain Sync has been bringing peace and harmony, stress relief and many other clinically proven benefits to users for over twenty years with brainwave technology, guided imagery and harmonics with binaural beat frequencies.

Significantly proven to have a positive effect improving mental performance and clarity, focused learning, personal growth, accelerated healing and recovery, freedom from fear, addiction, better sleep and much, much more.

I invite you to experience the peaceful journey within and enjoy the many powerful benefits of deep meditation. Come be in your Highest Joy and the power of elvolving for you to create your best human experience.

No training is necessary simply your attention and intention is all that is required.

 Arrive at a new level of consciouness, Bring your soul back into your body.

Surrender your worries and tension and bring about calm and mindfulness.

Meditation practice is  NOT a replacement for required or necessary medical treatment or therapy, however it may be used in addition to any protocol.

Click here to visit the Brian Sync website for free downloads and special offers. 

To access free downloads click  Home/BrainSync on left once the page is launched.

Since many of these CD's require stereo headphones you may consider purchasing a pair of soft, plush, comfy Sleep Phones to use at bedtime, or at any time - it's luxury and functionality music to your ears!

"In my opinion, slipping on my Sleep Phones have proven very beneficial for me, enhancing my comfort and relaxation during meditation practice and I cannot imagine listening to my favorite meditation programs without them."

- Rachel A. Pinard, Proprietor of Essential Healing Energies 

Sleep Phones make fantastic gifts and are available from the link above.


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